Make Believe
Make Believe
Documentary Competition
(Japan, South Africa, USA, 2010, 90 mins, HDCAM - 23.98)
In English, Japanese, Xhosa with English subtitles
World Premiere
Directed By: J. Clay Tweel
Executive Producers: Seth Gordon, Ed Cunningham
Producer: Steven Klein
Cinematographer: Richard Marcus
Editor: J. Clay Tweel
Cast: Siphiwe Fangase, Hiroki Hara, Bill Koch, Krystyn Lambert, Derek McKee,Nkumbuzo Nkonyana
Every year in Las Vegas, aspiring young magicians travel from around the globe to compete for the title of Teen World Champion at the World Magic Seminar. Director J. Clay Tweel affectionately documents six exceptional magicians honing their skills for the opportunity of a lifetime. As an ambitious teen from Chicago meticulously fashions his own props and a quirky kid in Colorado practices his split card tricks, a vibrant South African acrobatic duo polishes their comic timing. In Malibu, an overachiever perfects her magic hoops, while across the ocean in a remote country village, a Japanese boy nurses his dream to perform at the famous Magic Castle.

As the competition heats up, Tweel deftly parallels the transition from magic to reality with the journey of adolescence to adulthood. Drawn to magic as a way to express their offbeat personalities, these gifted outsiders come into their own as they face the nerve-wracking challenges of the competition. Watching these junior masters of illusion is dazzling. On and offstage, their exuberant talent and pure imagination rekindle in us the childlike wonder that only magic can conjure.

Jonathan Wysocki
Expected to attend: J. Clay Tweel.
Screening Schedule
Tue, Jun 22nd 7:45pm
Regal 11
Thu, Jun 24th 5:30pm
Regal 10
Sat, Jun 26th 5:00pm
Regal 11

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