The Innkeepers
The Innkeepers
The Beyond
(USA, 2011, 102 mins)
Directed By: Ti West
Executive Producers: Badie Ali, Hamza Ali, Malik B. Ali , Greg Newman
Producers: Derek Curl, Larry Fessenden,Peter Phok, Ti West
Screenwriter: Ti West
Cinematographer: Eliot Rockett
Editor: Ti West
Cast: Sara Paxton, Pat Healy, Kelly McGillis
Music: Jeff Grace
Wonderfully toying with audience expectations, writer-director Ti West takes a slowburn approach to this ghostly blend of humor, suspense and scares. Quietly building the anticipation of frights to come, West and his cast disarm the audience with casual jokes and friendly banter even as the elements of the terrifying climax are put into place.

During the final working weekend of a supposedly haunted New England inn, two lackadaisical desk clerks-cum-ghost hunters, armed with only a portable cassette deck and a couple of flashlights, search for proof of the supernatural. Of course, the problem is sometimes the thing you’re looking for finds you first.
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