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Wild River
Wild River
(USA, 1960, 110 mins)
Directed By: Elia Kazan
Producer: Elia Kazan
Screenwriter: Paul Osborn
Cinematographer: Ellsworth Fredericks
Editor: William Reynolds
Cast: Montgomery Clift, Lee Remick
Music: Kenyon Hopkins
A commercial failure upon its first release, Wild River is now recognized as one of Elia Kazan's greatest achievements. Montgomery Clift stars as a field agent for the Tennessee Valley Authority during the Depression. It's his job to evict people from their land to make way for the construction of a dam. This pits him against the proud old woman, played by Jo Van Fleet, who refuses to leave her island home. Meanwhile, he falls in love with the old woman's widowed granddaughter, unforgettably embodied by Lee Remick.  Elegiac and morally complex, this is one of Kazan's most personal and haunting movies.

The digital restoration of this color Cinemascope film was completed by Academy Film Archive and Twentieth Century Fox.

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