The New Black
The New Black
Documentary Competition
(USA, 2013, 74 mins, HDCam)
World Premiere
Directed By: Yoruba Richen
Producers: Yoruba Richen, Yvonne Welbon
Cinematographers: Nadia Hallgren, Garland McLaurin
Editors: Ali Muney, Erin Casper
Featuring: Sharon Lettman-Hicks, Karess Taylor-Hughes, Samantha Master, Pastor Derek McCoy, Rev. Delman Coates, Anthony Charles Williams II
When legislation preventing same sex marriage passed in 2008--the same year of Barack Obama's historic election--many pundits pointed their fingers towards the African American community's presumed homophobia. Filmmaker Yoruba Richen questions the history and the validity of these assumptions in this frank documentary that traces the complicated and combative intersections of the African American and LBGT civil rights movements.

Focused on the recent elections in Maryland, where passions remain high, this paradigm-shifting documentary follows the stories of leaders who are at once challenging homophobia and confronting racism within gay organizations. The New Black also investigates the claims of homophobia as a pillar in the Black church and the motivations of the Christian right in propagating this premise. As the debates continue, this moving, illuminating film couldn't be more timely.

Hosted by Chicken and Egg Pictures, National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC), Human Rights Watch, International Documentary Association (IDA), Diverse and Inclusive Visionary Artists (DIVA), The Blackhouse Foundation
Screening Schedule
Fri, Jun 14th 7:30pm
Regal Cinemas 13

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Sun, Jun 16th 6:50pm
American Airlines Theatre/Regal 11

This event is already past

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