Narrative Competition
(USA, 2013, 89 mins, HDCam)
World Premiere
Directed By: Molly Green, James Leffler
Producers: Stephanie Dziczek, Meg Charlton
Screenwriters: Molly Green, James Leffler
Cinematographer: Robert M. Edgecomb
Editors: Molly Green, James Leffler
Cast: Noël Wells, Matt Mider, Amanda Bauer
Music: Mychal Cohen
Pete and Sophie are somewhere on the edge of the desert when he works up the nerve to propose. The hitch being: Their whirlwind road trip from L.A. to Phoenix is the closest these neighbors have ever come to going on a date. Nevertheless, fueled by their respective fears of intimacy and low-grade self-loathing, they run with the idea, much to the annoyance of Pete's sister Jess, who's along for the latter half of the ride.

While observing the time-honored traditions of the road movie--rest assured, self-discovery is their final destination--directors Molly Green and James Leffler send this romantic comedy down some unexpected detours that explore the anxieties and desires that drive us all.
Screening Schedule
Sat, Jun 15th 6:50pm
Regal Cinemas 13

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Wed, Jun 19th 9:50pm
American Airlines Theatre/Regal 11

This event is already past
Fri, Jun 21st 9:50pm
Regal Cinemas 12

This event is already past

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