Inequality For All
Inequality For All
Free Screenings
(USA, 2012, 85 mins, HDCam)
Directed By: Jacob Kornbluth
Executive Producer: Stephen M. Silberstain
Producers: Jen Chaiken, Sebastian Dungan
Cinematographers: Svetlana Cvetko, Dan Krauss
Editor: Kim Roberts
Cast: Robert Reich
Music: Marco D'Ambrosio
You would think it would be hard to make a spellbinding and entertaining movie about economics, but director Jacob Korbluth has a secret weapon: the eloquent economic policy expert and inspiring teacher Robert Reich. Reich's subject is one that effects us all: income inequality, which has been growing at an alarming rate since the 1970s and now threatens the economic health of the country and democracy itself.

You could say that Inequality for All does for the economy what An Inconvenient Truth did for the environment--but with more humor and humanity. It takes one of the most important issues of our times--the decimation of the middle class, which has always been the engine of a strong economy--and shows, in moving and personal stories, that when the rich get richer, the whole country gets poorer.

A panel discussion will follow the outdoor screening.
A Grand Performances presentation.

Hosted by KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles
Screening Schedule
Sat, Jun 22nd 8:30pm
California Plaza

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