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LAFF Film Fest
Edward Ruscha
LA Muse
(USA, 2014, 83 mins, HDCam)
World Premiere
Directed By: Elliott Lester
Screenwriter: Frederick Mensch
Producer: Josh Weinstock, Katrina Wolfe
Executive Producer: Lucas Akoskin
Cinematographer: Pieter Vermeer
Editor: Nicholas Wayman-Harris
Music: Mark D. Todd
Cast: David Oyelowo
Peter Snowden just wanted to invite his war buddy over for dinner one night, but his mother wouldn't let him--just another frustration the put-upon Iraq war veteran has to deal with. To compensate, Peter lives his life as a series of furious and gripping monologues, cajoling, wheedling and crying out at the universe for answers.

That's the kind of demand placed on star David Oyelowo, who responds with a bravura solo performance as a veteran unraveling thread by thread. With no other actor in the frame, Oyelowo leads us down the rabbit hole of Peter's traumatized psyche, where rage and sorrow ultimately lead to acceptance. Nightingale is a tour du force for Oyelowo, whose ability to morph before our eyes makes Elliott Lester's feature a bold and satisfying cinematic achievement.

Screening Schedule
Tue, Jun 17th 9:15pm
Regal Cinema L.A. Live- Theater 11

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