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(Argentina, France, 2014, 71 mins, DCP)
In Spanish with English subtitles
Directed By: Matías Lucchesi
Screenwriters: Matías Lucchesi, Gonzalo Salaya
Producer: Matías Lucchesi, Juan Pablo Miller
Executive Producers: Matías Lucchesi, Juan Pablo Miller
Cinematographer: Sebastian Ferrero
Editor: Delfina Castagnino
Music: Nacho Conde
Cast: Paula Hertzog, Paola Barrientos
In the mountains of Argentina, in the freezing cold of winter, Lila tries to escape from a boarding school on horseback. At 12 years old, she has just hit puberty, and she's determined to track down the father she's never known. Her teacher stops her, concerned for her well-being, but Lila's force of will eventually wins her over. Against the wishes of the school principal, the teacher drives Lila to the place where her father used to work, setting in motion a twisting, turning journey through buried memories and interconnected lives.

In his debut feature, director Matías Lucchesi brings sensitivity and insight to his exploration of the psychological ramifications of family connections, framing the brittle emotions of his characters against sweeping vistas of the harsh Sierras de Córdoba mountain range.

Screening Schedule
Sun, Jun 15th 11:00am
Regal Cinema L.A. Live- Theater 14
Tue, Jun 17th 9:00pm
Regal Cinema L.A. Live- Theater 14
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