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Starred Up
Starred Up
International Showcase
(Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, 2013, 102 mins, DCP)
Directed By: David Mackenzie
Screenwriter: Jonathan Asser
Producer: Gillian Berrie
Executive Producers: Katherine Butler, Sam Lavender, Jan Pace
Cinematographer: Michael McDonough
Editor: Jake Roberts
Music: Tony Doogan, David Mackenzie
Cast: Jack O'Connell, Ben Mendelsohn, Rupert Friend, David Ajala
Blood flows thicker than water in this gritty prison drama. In a breakout performance reminiscent of Tom Hardy's elemental turn in Bronson, Jack O'Connell is astonishing as Eric, a young offender whose explosive rage lands him in the correctional facility that also houses his estranged father, played by Ben Mendelsohn. As Eric takes the savage measures necessary to ensure his survival, he occasionally drops his guard, betraying a keen analytic mind and anarchic sense of humor, and while he's not beyond hope, he may have finally pushed his luck too far.

Working from a richly detailed script by former prison psychotherapist Jonathan Asser, director David Mackenzie lends equal authenticity to the brutal cellblock showdowns and intense father-son brinksmanship. Formidable filmmaking by any measure, Starred Up never puts a foot wrong and gives no quarter.

Screening Schedule
Thu, Jun 12th 4:00pm
Regal Cinema L.A. Live- Theater 13
Mon, Jun 16th 9:00pm
Regal Cinema L.A. Live- Theater 8
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