Los Angeles Film Festival
Billy Mize and the Bakersfield Sound
Billy Mize and the Bakersfield Sound
Documentary Competition
(USA, 2014, 100 mins, HDCam)
Directed By: William J. Saunders
Producer: William J. Saunders
Screenwriter: William J. Saunders
Cinematographers: Michael Lewis Hill, William J. Saunders
Editors: David Nordstrom, Morgan Stiff, Jeff Cvitkovic
Music: Amy Baer, Billy Mize
Featuring: Billy Mize, Merle Haggard, Dave Alvin, Ray Price, Willie Nelson, Gerald Haslam, Bret Neals, Barry Mozar, Scott Bomar, Martha Mize, Karen Saunders, Marji Banda, Buddy Mize
Billy Mize was instrumental in defining the Bakersfield Sound, the exhilarating, innovative movement that forever changed country music. An incredibly gifted musician and lyricist well loved and respected by his peers, Mize, a product of the Dust Bowl, was also a committed family man and the rare artist who traded in the road--and the wider fame that comes with it--for home. Even those who love fiercely are subject to tragedy, however, and Mize's life is equal parts triumph and pain.

Now his little known story, along with a fascinating history of the Bakersfield sound, is brought to light with exquisite archival footage, rare photos, a thrilling soundtrack of Bakersfield hits and interviews with country legends like Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Ray Price and Mize himself.

Screening Schedule
Sat, Jun 14th 4:50pm
Regal Cinema L.A. Live- Theater 10
Mon, Jun 16th 9:30pm
Regal Cinema L.A. Live- Theater 12

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